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James Howard Kunstler on

This is a repost from Chris Martenson’s website where he interviews author James Howard Kunstler on the state of the US society and economy. It’s a great interview and worth reposting here for posterity. Kunstler touches on a lot of themes, most notably the ongoing collapse of key infrastructure which amounts to an ongoing, [...]

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Hope Has Changed – It Died, By Monty Pelerin

This article is a reprint, posted here with permission and for posterity. It’s by an anonymous author using the name Monty Pelerin. It is originally available at
Hope is dying in the US.
The performance of financial markets affects everyone. For savers and investors, these markets represent the means to an improved life, at least as they [...]

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Prepare for Stark and Total Privatization at Penn State and Beyond

This is a repost from Greg Plefka, reprinted with permission from the blog where he is a contributor and editor. Here, he discusses the link between the pedophilia scandal at Penn State, school privatization and the destruction of the college system as we know it. 

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Slouching Towards Nuremberg? By Morris Berman

This is a repost from the blog of author and social critic Morris Berman, originally published in May of 2012. Here he talks about the creeping totalitarian state that is slowly acclimating us to having few if any rights. Considering our recent post on the pervasiveness of police strip searches, it seemed worthy of a repost here.
Berman [...]

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Our Currency Will Fail, By Chris Martenson

Chris Martenson is a financial and energy analyst we’ve taken a liking to over the years. His recent commentary on the state of the nation and the inevitable financial crisis is particularly concise.  His condemnations of the status quo and the inability for our political leaders to do anything to prevent or even offset catastrophe [...]

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The Day America Died, By Paul Craig Roberts

This is a repost of an article by Paul Craig Roberts, originally posted at  Paul Craig Roberts [send him mail], a former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury and former associate editor of the Wall Street Journal.  He is an economist and is also known as the co-founder of Reaganomics.  He regularly criticizes both [...]

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Michael Hudson On How The Debt Plans Are A Distraction

Most posts on this site involve original reporting and commentary, but when something comes along that’s important enough to be spotlighted, we can’t ignore the work others are doing when they so closely align with the narratives we promote.
These days, things are rarely as they seem in the nation’s capital.  Secrets plans, betrayals, subterfuge and conspiracy are all [...]

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Hackers (Film, 1995) By Matt Dyjak

This is a repost and (one of several) reviews of the 1995 film Hackers from writer Matt Dyjak.  You can read his reviews and comments at Not Only Important, But Apocalyptic and The Hackers Movie Appreciation Blog where he continually reviews the film with a highly academic tone, giving new insights into its layered construction. [...]

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