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Libor Humor

Courtesy of comedians John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman, some comedic commentary on the Libor scandal. Accurate and humorous, they state: “I cannot afford my brain to be distracted for a second by the lingering suspicion that our entire society is based on greed fueled financial trickery and economic larceny on a mathematically unfathomable scale.”
That’s it, [...]

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David Stockman: We Will Suffer One Crisis After Another

We hear a lot these days that due to high levels of sovereign and private debt, we will be unable to avoid a massive financial collapse, reshaping the world as we know it. Usually, proponents argue the collapse will happen quickly, bringing about a short term political vacuum and by necessity, a new economic model. Odd as [...]

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Dylan Ratigan is Mad As Hell, Are You?

He’s got it.  Watch and share this.
Joe Weisenthal called it “epic.”  Naked Capitalism is calling it “pretty remarkable.”  The Atlantic called it a “Howard Beale moment.”  This is a call to arms.   We need this and a lot more of it.

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