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Seven Reasons Bernanke’s Failure to Taper Portends Doom

Yesterday, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke announced that the government would not slow its bond purchasing (money printing) because the economy had not yet improved sufficiently. The magnitude of this decision is still being absorbed, but may have negative effects on the entire world in the coming years.
How exactly? This might be a bit wonky, [...]

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Who Really Writes the Media Narrative, Reporters or the White House?

Pulitzer prize winning journalist David Ignatius recently penned an article in the Washington Post titled, An Economic Boom Ahead?, in which he suggest that much of the recent worry over the economy is misplaced and that the coming years may see significant financial gains. He notes that the US is nearing a “tipping point” where [...]

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Bloomberg: Cut Social Security and Food Stamps to Help Economy

A while back, we were jumping up and down about the government’s attempts to implement the use of a “chained-CPI.” If implemented, it would lower the government’s measure of inflation and reduce cost to Social Security, Food Stamps and other payments that are regularly adjusted for inflation.
Sure, it’s a bit technical, but in other words, [...]

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The Unsustainability of Nearly Everything

Many of us on the internet have written about how growth is dead and that the GDP growth we are now experiencing (minor as it is) is due to massive deficit spending at a rate of about $1.6 trillion per year. Once you sit down and do the math, the unsustainability of almost our [...]

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Chained CPI Will Slowly Rob Social Security Beneficiaries

Just a little history for those not following the fraud in Social Security:  In the recent negotiations, just about the only thing the administration and Republicans could agree on was the introduction of a new measurement device for inflation, which would be applied to the Social Security program.   To summarize, over time the new measurement of inflation [...]

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Plan to Cut Social Security Through Inflation Continues

As we predicted here a few weeks ago, President Obama and the congress are moving forward with their intentions to alter how the government measures inflation as a way to save around $300 billion over 10 years.
The government is required by the Social Security Act to match inflation when it pays out benefits to seniors [...]

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Politicians Plan to Alter the CPI, Stealth Cut to Benefits and Higher Taxes

This may seem a bit “inside baseball” to some, but believe me this effects each and every one of us.  Manipulation of the CPI is one way the government can make things look calm and pleasant while inflation is raging.  It amounts to outright theft from the poorest elements of our society to benefit connected elites.
The CPI [...]

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